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Tales of the Urban Werewolf Display Bust

Tale of the Urban Werewolf Display Bust

New from blackmagicfx the creature molds of the 1996 low budget opus "Tales of The Urban Werwolf". This display Bust is casted from latex hand air brushed & has laid hair. Get this piece at a great price. Special offer to Werewolf Cafe - Buy it for $75.00 plus shipping & get a copy of the movie for free email for ordering or info.

Brad Hartshorn's Poster

There has been a lot of attention on Washington State and Werewolves with the coming New Moon movie and Twilight in General. Well I love that and wanted to have of poster of myself to since I've been costuming as a werewolf since 1993. With the help of my friend, artist Jomar Padilla, Here's my poster with a random wolf and images of me.

Brad Hartshorn

Heavy Howling

She's back but in Marvel style

Heavy Howling by Chucha616

Horror Artist Jerrod Brown

Jerrod is a traditional artist who has been painting and drawing nearly 40 years, everything from murals to illustrations. He paints and draws from his home studio.

Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards 2008 ARTIST OF THE YEAR Honorable Mention.

Horror Book Cover artist for Sonar4 Publications, and Movie Poster artist for DMZ Entertainment.

Jerrod currently resides in Jacksonville Florida with his wife Linda and daughter Evelyna.

His work can be seen at

He also sells original paintings, prints and commissioned work from his home studio, galleries and conventions.
PAINTINGS Depending on piece and size - $300.00ea. to $1000.00ea.
(Existing pieces, commissions, requests or by mail order)
PRINTS 11 1/4' x 14 1/4 high quality/heavy stock - $20.00ea. or 3 for $50.00
(At shows, conventions or by mail order)

Jerrod Brown
1618 Crabapple Cove CT. N.
Jacksonville, FL. 32225-2500