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Submitted by: Admin

Finally, my first real submission, other that excuses as to why the site is down...

This may not technically be a werewolf related submission, but it's probably something that may be of interest to many of you. A friend of mine has recently started working with a group calling themselves Slipstream Comics on a series of graphic novels called Temporal. Their website can be found at

The following is an excerpt from their website:

Temporal is an epic tale of high adventure and dark intrigue that spans the course of Earthís existence. The reader is guided through the midst of savage battles, waged eons ago, by a mystical, pre-human race; only to be thrust into the future, to bear witness to Mankindís last, desperate attempt to reunite a decaying society in time to prevent the implosion of the known universe.

For more information, I would suggest visiting their website, as it has a longer description, a sample images gallery, information about contacting them, and more.

Also, they were at the San Diego ComicCon from July 14-17 and will be at Wizard's World Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens (or Rosemont) Convention Center from August 4-7. Where you will be able to purchase T-shirts and ash cans [a term which I'm unfamiliar with, but am told that this means they will have some sort of sample available].

My gift for ninjawolf

Submitted by: darkbluewerewolf

it's a drawing of ninja in a kimono w/ his kitana glinting in the moonlight


Artist Brian Cuprisin

Submitted by: Full Moon

A "thank you" goes out to artist Brian Cuprisin for the great painting he did especially for The Werewolf Cafe! Brian is a very talented artist who has had his artwork featured in art galleries in Chicago, Illinois. We wanted to mention that this article will be updated when we get news of a website and other information. Brian does do commissioned artwork. If you want to post something in Brian's forum here, or you have any inquiries about his artwork, we will make sure he gets your message, just post in the forum titled "Artist Brian Cuprisin" and we will get the message delivered to him for you. There is a short bio on Brian in that forum.

WC Art

Artist Nathan Lee James

Submitted By: The Busboy

Check out this image of the painting that Nathan Lee James (aka Slave2moonlight) did for me, it's a painting of movie character Eddie Quist from the original "The Howling" film. As some of you may know Nathan did a digital painting of Eddie Quist about a year ago to go along with a movie review he did of "The Howling." I thought the digital picture he did for the movie was awesome, and he said he could do that picture as a painting as well. If you are interested in having Nathan do a commisioned piece of artwork for you, please email him at for pricing information. Also, to see more of Nathan's work, you can check out his two on-line stores at and

Eddie Quist


Submitted by: Lunarwolf

An anthropomorphic artist of some small talent who's main intrests include werewolves. Most subject matter is adult, homo-erotic in nature so if that sort of thing offends ya then ya might not wanna go there.


Not This Time

My Star Wars pic!

Submitted by: NinjaWolf

Well, here it is again, wereboys and weregirls! My very own Star Wars picture that I drew and Speedy taking over the coloring. Thanks to all of you on appreciating it!

May The Force be with you...always! ^_^

Star Wolves

Wolfie Loves Capes

Submitted by: redstreak

Darkbluewerewolf's wolf friend has a real love for capes, leaving Darkblue in a position much like this that inspired this drawing for him! :D


Werewolf Plate

Submitted by: Anonymous

Hello to everyone at The Werewolf Cafe. Here's a digital picture of a werewolf plate I made in a ceramics class with a little help from my ceramics teacher. Hope you like it!

Werewolf Plate