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Brian Cuprisin

Artisit Brian Cuprisin has submitted recent images of his paintings. You can visit his forum here on this site to talk to him about his art work by clicking here.



Death Mouth


No Name

Smoking Girl

Traci Lords


Vamp Bitch


Chris Scalf

A big "thank you" goes out to artist Chris Scalf for this werewolf sketch that he drew for The Werewolf Cafe. We wanted to let you know that Chris has two websites with many examples of his artwork, one website can be found at and another website can be found at Between the two websites, you will find many examples of Chris's artwork including commercial illustrations, storyboards, graphic design artwork, sketches, paintings and more.

Chris had asked that we post something about "autism awareness" along with his sketch, so we wanted to mention the Autism Society of America website at, the Center for the Study of Autism (CSA) website at, and the Autism Research Institute website at

Thank you so much Chris!

Chris Scalf