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Illegal Immigrants!

Submitted by: Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

From the people that brought you Bubba The Redneck Werewolf #7... The Cadre Corner Studios has been commissioned to do an 80 page graphic novel... on sale in January will be the Preview Issue first available at the FX Show and MegaCon in Orlando.

Illegal Immigrants

The Most Awesome Wolf-O-Lantern!

Submitted by: redstreak

Behold the greatest pumpkin I ever carved!! :)

I entitle it....NIGHTWOLF!! :D


Happy Thanksgiving

Submitted by: slave2moonlight

Happy Thanksgiving from Wagner, his nephew Waldo, and slave2moonlight!

Wagner Thanksgiving

The Wagner Werewolf Store

Submited by: slave2moonlight

Hey, Wagner Werewolf fans! Good news! The Wagner Werewolf Store is finally open for business, just in time for Christmas! Now, there are only a few different graphics available so far, but check back often, as I'll be adding more variety to the merchandise as often as possible! I had hoped to have the Wagner Werewolf Christmas and Halloween storybooks available for this year, but time makes fools of us all, so check the store out now and again to see when they finally appear. They're in the works and will surely be available in time for Halloween and Christmas 2006! In the meantime, please show your Wagner Werewolf support by checking the store out and maybe even picking up an item or two! Prices are a bit lower right now for this Grand Opening period! Happy shopping!

Wager Werewolf Store

Grey Male Werewolf

Submitted by: Crescent the werewolf of darkness

Yesterday last night the full moon was outside my windiw then it slowly moved up and over my house is glowed so bright it looked like it was on fire it was unbelibably awesome.

Grey Male Werewolf