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Tales of the Urban Werewolf Display Bust

Tale of the Urban Werewolf Display Bust

New from blackmagicfx the creature molds of the 1996 low budget opus "Tales of The Urban Werwolf". This display Bust is casted from latex hand air brushed & has laid hair. Get this piece at a great price. Special offer to Werewolf Cafe - Buy it for $75.00 plus shipping & get a copy of the movie for free email for ordering or info.

the beggining

freinds...ive had an it goes (its just an epiphany tho, dont take it to seriously) in the beggining, whatever divine force that created us made one race. this race were the algamation of both animals and humans. they lived in a peaceful utopia where most people got along. then there came the malevolent force that seeks to destroy everything. he/she/it took control of the animal people (whom i will call the animus) and corrupted them with much on the indecencies that we see in humans and humanity today. and this led to wars, adultery, racism etc etc. so the divine force became disgusted with this and divided the beings into humans and animals. the animus became extinct and animals continued to thrive. the pre humans de-evolved into apes to one day re evolve. the divine force will return the inhabitants of earth back into animus when it feels they are emotionally and physically ready to. even now, it chooses a select few. werewolves/were.... this is just a thought tho...

Mojo Land

Audubon Magazine May-June 2007

The current issue of Audubon Magazine has a cover story about wolves. From their website: "It's a stunning conservation success: wolves in the northern Rockies ready to come off the endangered species list. So why are some local interests so hell-bent on spoiling the story's happy ending?"

Visit to read the article and to find out what you can do to help.

Happy Halloween Werewolf Tie

Here's a find for those professionals out there looking for a way to celebrate at the office:

Werewolf Oz 7 inch Bust

Submitted by: Werewolf Toy Collector

Here's a cool bust I thought all the Buffy fans would like from Diamond Select Toys

Quentin Collins Werewolf Bobblehead

Submitted by:slave2moonlight

Hey, slave2moonlight here. As a major fan of the 60's and 70's supernatural daytime soap Dark Shadows, I wanted to share this cool new find with the Werewolf Cafe patrons! MPI Home Video, the company that puts out the classic Dark Shadows DVDs, is now offering a very cool looking bobblehead toy of Quentin Collins as a werewolf in their line of D.S. bobbleheads! Not sure how long this has been available, but I only just discovered it myself. Looks pretty neat! Here's the link:

Have you accepted the Howling Lord as your personal Saviour?

Submitted by: Joey Liverwurst

Joey say's he posted about this in the forum, but not in the most prominent place. Anyway, here's the link...

Department 56 Wolfman, Dracula & Frankenstein Set

Submitted by: Full Moon

A new 3 piece monster figure set includes a Wolfman figure (as well as Dracula and Frankenstein figures). The monsters in this set are made to look like little bronze statues. Link is

Hinged Werewolf Box

Submitted by: Full Moon

Here's a cool werewolf hinged box at Hinged Werewolf Box

Joshua Warrick - Werewolf for Hire

Submitted by: red_streak

Another werewolf comic find I chased upon at my comic store. Printed by A Catatomic Comic. We're given a snipet of the life of Joshua Warrick in this story - learning he was born and persecuted since the 1600s, rescued by a witch who transformered herself into a cat, and to this day performs acts of heroism through his lycanthropic incarnation. I liked the beginning showing him as a baby werewolf. I have to say it's at least worth a look. :)

Werewolf for Hire