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Fright Kite

I know I'm showing favortism by posting this on the home page (in addition to the art section where it belongs), but I hope you'll forgive me.

My five year old daughter decided that she wanted to do a drawing for the site. What resulted was what I have title, "Fright Kite".

If I understand it correctly, we have bat-boy, dracula, the wolfman, and frankenstein.

Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see full image, including part of the kite's tail that she did (she asks me to write, "if you look real close you'll see the eyes and teeth").

Fright Kite

I think it rocks...she's the best!!!

Missing the WereWolfCafé

Wolf Sparrow wrote in to say,

Well this is just the picture i made Waaayy back when people where missing so i thought i hang it up here..

We Miss You

[Admin note: Wolf Sparrow has an art forum here on the site.]