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Wendi Strang-Frost Artwork

Wendi Strang-Frost

A Trio of Cards by BlueEyesWolf

Meant to submit these a long time ago. Here's one of 3 personally designed werewolf cards I've received from BlueEyesWolf. Thanks, BlueEyes! This is a Birthday Card from 1995.

Birthday card from BlueEyesWolf

Here's last year's Christmas card from BlueEyesWolf.

Christmas card from BlueEyesWolf

Here's the birthday card I received from BlueEyesWolf last April. The wolf angel and devil on my shoulders are an inside joke for the big Disney fans here like BlueEyes and myself. They're played by Primo, the primitive side of Pluto's personality. Great work, Blue!

Birthday card from BlueEyesWolf

New Wagner

Hey all new Wagner comic.

All New Wagner