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Bill Wilkison's Werewolf Transformation Art (part 1 of 3)

A thank you goes out to artist Bill Wilkison for creating three more pieces of his awesome werewolf transformation artwork for The Werewolf Cafe. This full moon we are featuring the first one which is a punk rocker to werewolf transformation. Be sure to stop back next month to see another of Bill's cool werewolf transformation artwork involving a pirate to werewolf transformation.

Thank you Bill!

You can check out Bill's website at

Punk Rocker to Werewolf

Artwork from Elfman

A big thank you goes out to an artist named Elfman, who autographed this copy of his picture for The Werewolf Cafe. Elfman likes to hang out at (with one of our forum members here that works there). Thank you so much Elfman! Cool looking werewolf!


Artist Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

I just wanted to post a picture that forum member Jesse "Cadre" Hansen gave me at a recent comic book convention. Jesse is one totally cool Dude! This is a picture of comic book character "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf". Jesse, if you're reading this, thank you, thank you, it's a very cool picture Dude!

I wanted to mention that Jesse has a website at link his own forum boards at link and samples of his artwork at link You can also visit a personal forum topic that he has here on this site.

Jesse Cadre Hansen

"Sovereign Wolf" Artwork

A big thank you goes out to artist Mike Morales for autographing copies of his artwork related to his new werewolf comic book titled "Sovereign Wolf". There is not a website for "Sovereign Wolf" as of yet, but you can email about it at and keep up with the "Sovereign Wolf" forum topic here on this site for more information. Thank you Mike!

The three pictures that you see here are of John Sovereign (the story's hero), Jame Emerald (the main bad guy who is the story's C.E.O. of Neo-Crom Industries) and Vicious Fang (Leader of a clan in the story). We have much more autographed copies of artwork from Mike that we are going to be showing here at next month's full moon phase, so you'll want to stop back here to check that out too, because all of the pictures next month will have to do with the transformation of John Sovereign from a man to a werewolf, so stay tuned...

John Sovereign Jame Emerald Vicious Fang

John Sovereign

Jame Emerald

Vicious Fang