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R. N. Matos: "Chronicles of the Damned"

Chronicles of the Damned

Just when Bruno thought he had his life together a mysterious lady steps into his gallery sparking memories that threaten to bring the horrors of his past right to his doorstep. Bruno Maximus Casta struggles to distance himself from the horrors of the life he was cast into. The New Minority has secured global acceptance for vampires and through its efforts the world has definitely changed. Bruno has reached a comfortable level of success in this new society comfortable enough to pursue his dreams of opening his own art gallery. One night a mysterious stranger visits the Anna Belle Lee art gallery sparking memories that lead him to relive the brutality and terror he has tried so hard to escape. Characters that haunt his recollections string together a tale that threatens to bring an ancient war to his doorstep. Bruno must quickly decide if this mysterious visitor is friend, foe or innocent before he acts on the warnings his instincts dictate. Bruno’s thoughts drift through time riding the surge…

Find out more at Gothic Graphix

William Woodall: "Cry For The Moon"

Billy Lee has written into the Werewolf Cafe to recommend William Woodall's book, "Cry For The Moon".

Billy Lee says,

Just found a new werewolf book that I really liked. It's called 'Cry for the Moon' by William Woodall, and I thought it was highly unusual in the way it approached the subject. It's a clean book that I think anybody could read and enjoy. You can read half of it for free on the author's website and also see some reviews and things if you want to. Check it out!

William Woodall's website
Cry For The Moon webpage

Blood Moon Rising Issue #35

Hello horror fans and my Blood Moon Rising Legion. Once again the Magazine For All Things Horror has come again and with it comes our 35th issue and our 8th Anniversary issue as well. Wow eight years of bring you this publication in its print form and now in its new online format that you so love.

First of all went you go into our main wen site at and click on the new issue on your left hand side bar be sure to give a good look at this issues cover done by Tony Diana who gives us his walking dead girls. Also see more of his dead on the go inside in our art department along with art by our very own Sandy Reece. Also there's new Creature Feature art by our own Sam Wallace with his take on Bat Man in the feature.

So now go forth and scare the hell out of yourself and enjoy Blood Moon Rising Issue #35

Dark Soul

Werewolf Magazine #8

The howl of the night beast can be heard once more as Werewolf Magazine Issue #8 is on the hunt and looking for new readers. This is our 3rd Anniverasry issue and we want all Werewolf Cafe fans to have a copy. Please see our publication on our web site @ and find out how you can order this publication devoted to all things werewolf.

Also see our 3 werewolf books from our author AL J. Vermette Lucan: Heart of The Warrior, They Hunt By Night and Lycanthrope: Nature of The Beast.

All books and Werewolf Magazine can also be ordered right from the publisher signed and shipped right to you.

It's time to bring the beast home....he's waiting for YOU!

Death Walks the Streets Issue #0

It's been a long time, but I really wanted to share this with you. This is the retail-edition cover for "DEATH WALKS THE STREETS Issue #0" - debuting this June at Wizard World Chicago.

Death Walks the Streets Issue #0

Pre-orders are online now at

All the Best,

Want to be a Werewolf in William Meikle's next novel?

William Meikle is offering some lucky person the opportunity to be a werewolf in his next novel.

I'm offering someone a chance to be a werewolf in my next novel.

On my birthday, 25th January 2008, I'll be choosing a person who will be written into the book I'm currently writing as one of the werewolves.

(I've done this before, with vamps in my Watchers series and with chaos magicians in my Midnight Eye Files series, but this will be a first chance to become a werewolf in print)

The signing up details and FAQ are all at the event page here

Do be sure to read more in our forums at


A big thank you goes out to actor Michael Madsen for autographing this "Shifter" promotional sheet for The Werewolf Café. "Shifter" is a new werewolf comic book series that is currently being worked on.

Right now, to keep up with details about "Shifter," please check out the forum on the site here

Thank you Michael!

Note: A very special "thank you" also goes out to Scott Licina. Thank you Scott!

Shifter 1

Shifter 2

"Thirteen Steps" Artist Kevin Mellon Part 2 of 2

Kevin Mellon is the artist of a new werewolf comic book series titled "Thirteen Steps," and another "thank you" goes out to him for autographing another promotional "Thirteen Steps" picture for The Werewolf Cafe.

Thank you Kevin!

You can check out Kevin's blog at and the "Thirteen Steps" forum here on this site.

Thirteen Steps

V. Lucien Maier's “Of The Wolf "Zion"”

Tyler Never fit in, everyone always looked at him like he was different.
In all honesty he was different. So with dreams of peace in his eyes,
Set out on his own, and as he hikes into Zion National Park, he realizes he has come home.
What he didn't realize is, he was not alone.

Visit to view the trailer, listen to the first chapter, or purchase the mp3 download of “Of The Wolf "Zion"”

Willow Creek Comic Book Series

This is a copy of "Willow Creek" (#0), which starts off a new werewolf comic book series from Zenescope.

This particular copy has original cover artwork by artist Josh Medors and is signed by writer Christian Beranek and artist Josh Medors. We also want to mention that Denny Williams is other writer and co-creator of "Willow Creek".

Thank you Christian and Josh!

Check out the Zenescope website at and check out the "Willow Creek" forum here on this site.

Willow Creek