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Tom Wachowski's Tarot Card: The Moon

Thanks to our friends at Strange Fun Comics for sending in this tarot card called "The Moon", created by artist Tom Wachowski. To find out more about Stange Fun Comics visit their website at

The Moon

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Artist Art Baltazar

A big thank you goes out to artist (and forum member) Art Baltazar for this picture he drew of a new character named "Little Bad Wolf Junior."

Art is the artist who works on the popular werewolf related comic book titled "Patrick the Wolf Boy" so we wanted to let you know that Art has a website at and at

Thank you so much Art!

Little Bad Wolf Jr.

Patrick the Wolf Boy Card Front

Patrick the Wolf Boy Card Back

Artist Nigel Sade

Just wanted to show you all this great werewolf sketch that artist Nigel Sade ( drew for me at a recent comic convention, it totally rocks!

Nigel is always fun to to talk to and is way cool, he is always dressed like a "pirate" at the major comic book conventions (so you may have seen him at conventions). Nigel is also a forum member on the site here.

Thank you Nigel, you rock Dude!

Nigel Sade

Howlitzer's Werewolf Tranformation Sequence

Here's a transformation sequence I finished recently, with some painstaking work on the detail.

Howlitzer's Werewolf Transformation

Mideon Werewolf's Halloween Card

A piece I had commissioned of me Werewolfing on Halloween for my Halloween card.

Mideon Werewolf Trick or Treat

Artist Jessi Nelson

A big thank you goes out to artist Jessi Nelson for this great picture she drew for The Werewolf Cafe. Jessi doesn't have a website at this time of this posting, but she can be reached at her email address at Thank you so much Jessi!

Jessi Nelson

Artist Sean Collins

A big thank you goes out to artist Sean Collins for drawing this werewolf picture for The Werewolf Cafe. Sean is currently working on a comic book that will be titled "Spirit of the Wolf" that will be Native American in nature.

To keep up with Sean's projects and to see more of his artwork, check out his website at

Thank you Sean!

Sean Collins

More "Sovereign Wolf" Artwork

Once again a big thank you goes out to artist Mike Morales for autographing copies of his artwork related to his new werewolf comic book titled "Sovereign Wolf". There is not a website for "Sovereign Wolf" as of yet, but you can email about it at and keep up with the "Sovereign Wolf" forum topic here on this site for more information. As we promised last month, here are four pictures of the story's hero, John Sovereign, in various stages of transformation from a man to a werewolf for you to check out. Thank you again Mike!

Sovereign Wolf 1

Sovereign Wolf 2

Sovereign Wolf 3

Sovereign Wolf 4

Confused and Thrilled

Here's my HOWL-oween picture. It's Confused and her pack doing the THRILLER...zombie werewolf style. WOOT!

Confused and Thrilled


Happy Halloween From Wagner!

Happy Halloween from Wagner!

Bill Wilkison's Werewolf Transformation Art (part 2 of 3)

Another thank you goes out to artist Bill Wilkison for creating his awesome werewolf transformation artwork for The Werewolf Cafe. This full moon we are featuring the second art piece which is of a pirate to werewolf transformation. Be sure to stop back next month to see the third of Bill's cool werewolf transformation artwork involving a 60's rock musician to werewolf transformation. Thank you Bill! You can check out Bill's website at

Pirate Transformation

IRMA VEP poster by Bill Wilkison (Inkslinger)

Here is a poster I did for the MCT: Main Street Studio Theatre in Muncie, Indiana!

It's for a play IRMA VEP by Charles Ludlum. It's all about werewolves and mummies and if you haven't figured it out yet...vampires! (Clue: rearrange the name Irma Vep)

Anyway...howla back!

Irma Vep