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Welcoming The New Year...Werewolf Style

It's a drawing of me as Old Woldman Time chasing RedStreak as the New Year Cub who stole my glasses. Commenting on this act is Ninja Wolf who is watching this from a safe distance.

Happy New Year

Bubba Christmas Tree

This was the Christmas card that I created for The Cadre Corner earlier this month. I know it's a little late but it's not the new year yet either. I just wanted give everyone a chance to see it.

Bubba Christmas Tree

Warning...not for the faint of heart

Administrator's Note: I'm not 100% sure I should be posting this one, but I guess we're all adults here...and it's just a drawing. So if anybody's truely bothered by this, send me an email at and I can remove it.

Remember, I've warned you — if you don't want to see a fairly morbid Happy Howl-idays wish from Speedbump...DON'T click on the image below. And by DON'T click, I mean DON'T click, that's not an invitation to click on it, it's a genuine warning against clicking on it.

Also, for those whose can't read what this says at the says "Happy Howl-idays to: from: Speedbump". It's the image below this greeting that might bother some of you...especially, I would guess, The Busboy.

I've warned you...

Howl-iday Card

Original Werewolf CD Design

This is a special summer project I did as a gift to my closest friends.

I took their various characters from "Werewolf The Apocolypse" the RPG and wrendered them, and in turn put each of them onto a CD cover. The CD itself was a collection of songs themed on werewolves as well as the individual characters. My friends still enjoy listening to them! ;)

CD Cover

Bubba Fans

South Park's always been a bizzare show since day one, but I took it a step further and rendered some of the fans from the Bubba forum as little wolfish South Park characters!

From left to right its Fuzzball as Wendy, Cadre as Stan, Zage the Winged Werewolf as Kyle, BlueEyesWolf as Eric Cartman, RedStreak(myself) as Kenny, and as a further bonus our hero, Bubba, is Mr. Hat and his creator, Mitch Hyman, is Mr. Garrison!

Bubba Fans

Shadow Burns Bright

While a fearsome werewolf and warrior, Shadow-Burns-Bright retains a very quiet sense of calm and a more often than not unidentifiable sadness and acceptance of a bleak fate.

Shadow Burns Bright


Two Faces of Red

Artwork penciled by Bill Taylor and magnificently inked by Cadre, to whom is deserved the most credit. Here's RedStreak, in his furry incarnation at left as he appears at the Werewolf Café, and his earlier, transformer incarnation from the Iacon Literary Society. I love how Cadre brought a huge infusion of life into both from the meager sketches I provided.

Two Faces of Red

Writer's Pride

The year's end has come and yet it has been a year of some major firsts for me. Fitting for me to reveal them under the final, and appropriately, "Wolf's Moon" of the year.

Here's a snapshot of a year's work for me: "Bubba The Redneck Werewolf"#6 and "Fang, Claw, & Steel"#21.

Writers Pride

When I heard about a fan issue coming out, I immediately started drawing up what was to become the 2nd story of the issue: "10,000 Leaks Under the Sink", in which our hero Bubba goes on a fishing trip that goes awry. I was overjoyed to see my stuff in print.

Fang, Claw, & Steel was my second - a Canadian "fanzine" dedicated to publishing lycanthropic characters, both in story and art. By Halloween's night, the deadline, I emailed a copy of "Just Like Dad" to the editor, and waited just as eagerly as I did for "10,000 Leaks". I was equally pleased when I heard its approval, and then saw it in print.

This is just the beginning for me, but it's definetely a beginning WORTH remembering!

Chris Prunckle Werewolf Picture


Seasons Greetings From Wagner and Waldo

Seasons Greetings