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With Love...and chocolates ;)

Submitted by: RedStreak

A little something I did for Fuzzball that I'm posting up for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Fuzzball and RedStreak

Beastly Werewolf

I'm preparing for a meeting (which is also an informal job interview) with the folks who are making the upcoming independent film, "Lycan Rising," here in McAllen, Texas. This means I'm doing lots of werewolf drawings right now, and I will probably spend much of tomorrow going through my very old ones. Anyway, last night I drew this one up, among others, and was so happy with it that I thought I'd submit it. Now, don't expect this type of werewolf in the film. The plan is for something much more human in form. Personally, I like both styles, beastly werewolf (like you see here), and more human style, as in "Wolf" and "The Wolf Man," but I'm sure many of you have a preference one way or the other.

Werewolf Fave

Valentine Fight

Here's another Valentine-related picture.

At the same I did this picture, Fuzzball was still the only female werewolf at The Werewolf Café, though now we have Taki Soma as the new girl on the boards. 

As usual, RedStreak, BlueEyesWolf and NinjaWolf are fighting over Fuzzball...


Valentine Fight

Valentine Barbershop Quartet

Some of us were talking of how funny a werewolf barbershop quartet would be but it gave me the idea for this picture of Zage, NinjaWolf, BlueEyesWolf and RedStreak singing for Fuzzball!

(I know it's a bit early for Valentine's Day but the February Full Moon is AFTER that day so that's why this is here now.)

Barbershop Quartet

RedStreak's First Apperance

RedStreak in his first wrendering as a werefox, fitting for the new year.

I partially based Red's image off myself - I have deep brown hair and hazel eyes in reality.  I think I managed to convey a bit of myself into his character well.

Also, that plate in his hands is the former mask to his earlier transformer alter-ego who bore the same name. I thought it fitting to include that in this first "furry" wrendering.


Let's Get it on! Blue V.S. Red

Another classic wrendering I made as part of an art contest. When BlueEyesWolf had remained the only unchallenged contest for several weeks I HAD to step in and throw down my artistic gauntlet...and thus our little friendly rivalry began. ;)

Now introducing RedStreak as "The White Flash" and BlueEyesWolf as "The Destroyer!" LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMMMMBLE!!!

Blue vs Red

More Yugioh Wolves

This was something special I had made shortly after I got into Yugioh. I took various Werewolf Cafe/Bubba Fan friends and rendered them after various monster cards in my Yugioh Deck! :D

Included in this image are BlueEyesWolf, Fuzzball, Ninjawolf, Zage the Winged Wolf, and RedStreak.

BlueEyesWolf likes dragon, so its fitting I made him into a BlueEyesWhite Dragon!

Yugioh BFC

Bubba + Rogan + Shower = Entertainment

This is an older fan sketch I made. Ever wonder what'd happen if a werewolf used Rogain? Bubba the Redneck Werewolf finds out the hard way...

Bubba Rogain

Red Rum...aka RedStewie

Bwhahahahaha! Behold the wrath that is...STEWIE!!

Basically I made RedStreak into a version of McFarlene's Stewie from the Family Guy
TV show. I had this image in my head for a long time and many love Stewie's
pint-sized evil plans, self included.


Red Stewie

Comic "Night" from Jester Press

Jester Press has a new comic out titled "Night" which has a werewolf storyline.  Thank you Troy Hasbrouck (who does the writing) and Buddy Prince (pencils, inks and lettering) for autographing the first two issues of "Night" for The Werewolf Cafe!  You can visit the Jester Press website at to find out more information about this comic, view artwork, read reviews, read bios, find ordering information and more.  Thank you Troy and Buddy!



Bubba Fan Art

Here's one more of Bubba for the road. I love cuties, so I had to do one with his girlfriend, Bobbi Jo (I believe that's her name...).

Bubba Fan Art

Slave2Moonlight puts his new scanner to work

Well, since I did get a scanner this year, I figured I better put it to some use. Here's a quick werewolf sketch I just drew up. Also, here's a quick bit of Bubba fan art, since many have requested I do some and I only recently gained access to my first Bubba comic (the fan-powered issue, thanks Blue Eyes Wolf). More art to come! I hope to even get to post my old, high school werewolf art (when I was turning it out by the truckload), if I can dig up any worth posting. Digitizing it will give me the ability to get rid of the stacks of original paper copies that are just aging and taking up space in my house. If anyone ever sees any of my new or old art that they'd like to take off my hands, hey, just make me an offer (, but be informed that most of the new art I make will probably be fairly small so I can scan it directly.


Bubba Fan Art

NW is an Uncle!

Well, TWICE uncle, actually...
Wereladies and gentlewolves, here it is - my surprise drawing! My sister had a baby girl on January 12th, believe it or not! 7 pounds and 13 ounces!!! She's so precious! I'm glad the procedure went smoothly! Congradulations to me! ^_^

NW Baby

Silver Pendant

Muchos gracias!  A "thank you" goes out to Pablo (silver salesman) and Toy's (silversmith) for the creation of this handmade silver pendant.  This pendant was made in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico specially for The Werewolf Cafe and is stamped with the official "925" stamp for Mexican silver.



Shaggy the Reluctant Werewolf custom action figure

Just for fun, I thought I'd present to you all a little project I did over last summer, inspired by watching my DVD of Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf. It just happened that I had come across a spare Shaggy figure from the Burger King Kids Meal set that came out many years ago. Being the werewolf action figure lover that I am, I thought it might be a good idea to transform the spare Shaggy figure I had into a "Reluctant Werewolf" Shaggy figure, and that's just what I did. Using acrylic paint and some spare plastic for the ears, I crafted the little wonder you see below, "Reluctant Werewolf Shaggy." On the left you will see my unaltered Shaggy figure for comparison. For the record, Shaggy wears a red shirt and blue pants in the Reluctant Werewolf movie, despite what you see on the uninformed DVD cover art.

Relectant Werewolf

Relectant Werewolf DVD