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Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #7

Submitted by: Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

[Admin Note: Somehow I missed this one too last month. I'm so sorry about's been a bad couple months for me. Hopefully this is better late than never.]

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #7 is out in stores as we speak...

Get yours now while they last...

This issue as many already know it the first for many things...

  • FIRST: Color issue of Bubba
  • FIRST: Fully collaborative effort by the Cadre Corner as a complete studio
  • FIRST: Cannonball pencilled comic book story
  • FIRST: Completely inked Cadre story and as an Art Director
  • FIRST: Paulo Rivas Color story completely in the United States.

I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed working with everyone on it. ;)

Regards, The The Cadre Corner Communique Team

Bubba #7

The Searchers

Submitted by: slave2moonlight

This is a painting I did a few years ago. It's called "The Searchers," and is part of an unfinished series. The wolf, of course, represents myself. The female represents my soul-mate, whomever she may be.

Wolf Girl Water

Werewolf and Fairy art

Submitted by: slave2moonlight

These are much better images from the werewolf and fairy story that I had posted art from before. There are more pieces that only feature the fairy, some that only feature the werewolf in human form, and there are some unfinished works in the series as well. The fairy was modeled after Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu. This is a series I worked on in my first year of college.

Wolf and Fairy

Cold Blood

Wolf Fairy Sleeping

Jester Press

Submitted by: Full Moon

This link to Comic Art Fans takes you to the character Sketches and Prelims for the Jester Press artist Buddy Prince

Here's one to get you started:

Jester Press

Stomping Grounds

Submitted by: Speedbump

The full moon's out; time to rip the world a new one.

Dupre Werewolf

More Guests for the Werewolf Cafe Party!

Submitted by: BlueEyesWolf

Here's JamieD about to hit a Zage pinata with Slave2moonlight and Figarou cheering her on. The Busboy and DarkBlueWerewolf are here too!

Party Guest

Happy Birthday, Werewolf Cafe!

Submitted by: NinjaWolf

In celebration to Werewolf Cafe's first birthday party, I thought it best to have JamieD bringing in the cake. Hope you like it - the cake I mean.

Happy Birthday, Werewolf Cafe!

[Admin Note: We do like it and I'm sorry I missed it last month.]

Happy Birthday

Hoverboard Wolf - Colored

Submitted by: Speedbump

I colored the picture that darkbluewerewolf drew for the busboy on the art page. I haven't been able to get in contact with dbw to make sure I have his permission to color it, so please just make a mention that it's dbw's artwork with just a color touch-up from Speedbump. Thanks!

Hover Wolf


Submitted by: Inkslinger

Well, it's deeper than it started off as Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band (get it?!) but, then it started to change!!


Even more Werewolf Cafe Party Guests!

Submitted by: BlueEyesWolf

Here's Figarou and Speedbump!

Note: This is the way Figarou really wanted to be drawn, thanks to his model sheet.

Figarou Speedbump

A Hangin' Eight Surfer Werewolf!

Submitted by: BlueEyesWolf

Hey, dude! Surf's up and who cares about that wet wolf scent of mine!

Hangin' Eight

To All My Fans!!

Submitted by: darkbluewerewolf

This drawing is for all my freinds and fans here at the cafe, who will miss me while im away, this will be what i look like while at the temple.


Another Character

Submitted by:darkbluewerewolf

This is one of the good guys, he is an ex-cop, and he is also on of the cafe people that i know and put into the story, the first one that guesses right gets the next drawing done for them.


Ninja's charactor in color

Submitted by: darkbluewerewolf

My second time coloring somthing this big, hope ya like it.


Surfer Wolf

Submitted by: darkbluewerewolf

Here is the surfer wolf, althou he's not ripping a wave yet.

Surfer Wolf

Ninja Wolf 2,000 post milestone

Submitted by: NinjaWolf

Hi, everyone. Well, it's that time again. I hit the 2,000 post mark and I'm ready to present to you another of my cosplay changes. This month I'm costuming as the legendary wolf, Terry Bogard from the "Fatal Fury" video games. Enjoy!

PS - For those that are new, I always "dress-up" whenever I reach another 1,000 posts. I've done my first 1,000 Post Victory pic as Akuma from the "Street Fighter" video games. Just scroll down the previous months and see for yourself. ;)

2000 Posts

Jamie D

Submitted by: darkbluewerewolf

Jamie D

Easter Werewolf

Submitted by: BlueEyesWolf

Hey, I thought this would be funny for this month's Full Moon since Easter is in this month, not in April. Hope you will like it.

[Admin Note: my fault it's late]

Easter Werewolf