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Artist Josh Medors

Submitted by: Full Moon

A big thank you goes out to artist Josh Medors who drew this cool werewolf sketch card. To find out more information about Josh and to view more of his artwork, please check out his website at Thank you so much Josh!

Josh Medors

Paper Towel Werewolf (In a Suit)

Submitted by: Ian

So while I was sitting at the library last weekend, uploading content to the site with the Busboy, our friend Ian wanders along. While he was sitting there waiting for us to finish, he started doodling on a paper towel. Anyway, we asked for a drawing for the site, and the following masterpiece is what we got. Thanks, Ian!

Ians Werewolf

In case you're interested in the original doodle, that ended up in my bag as well, but sadly it didn't scan that well.

Ians Doodle