We've received a great new picture - his interpretation of the Werewolf Cafe's logo - from our new member, JMurray. We asked for a little info about him and his influences and he wrote us this profile:

My two greatest creative influences will forever be Theodore Seuss Geisel and Jim Henson. These two men had endless creativity and to this day I still reference their work for inspiration. Some of my fondest memories are of my father reading me Dr. Seuss books (and other children's books) every night when I was a child. Other influences include, Tim Burton, Maurice Sendak, Sam Kieth, John Kricfalusi, Joe Murray and Walt Disney, Christopher McCulloch, Butch Hartman, Alex Pardee, Ashley Wood and Mike Mignola have captured my interest with their originality. Gris Grimly's work opened my eyes again to what it is that I love about children's books and reminded me of what I truly want to do with my life. I think I might be losing some of you so I have to sum up the rest quickly. I like cartoons, comics, toys (especially transformers), my dogs and my future wife Lindsay who balances me out and keeps me sane.