Blood Moon Rising

Horror Magazine

Turns six today!!! Thats right kids The Magazine For All Things Horror made its world debut on this date at The New York World Comic Book Convention. Now with same 28 issues behind us we look forward to the years ahead. We thank you all for being with us over the years in one form or another. Some of you were writers or artists and some have carryed the magazine on your websites and bookstores. Some of you came to our Halloween Horror Shows Blood Fest and many have hung out with us at horror conventions. Thanks for helping this magazine be what it is over the past six years and lets make BMR rule the world!

As a side note BMRs spin off publication Werewolf Magazine is now being featured on the very cool website so check it out there.

Look for the 6th Anniversary issue coming out in just a few weeks. Stop by our new website and see when its published at

AL J. Vermette
Sapphire Publications