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Nigel Sade

Fantastic art at Studio de Sade. I personally own a copy of the Recreation of Passarotti's Two-Headed Figure.

Recreation of Passarotti's Two-Headed Figure

Here's what Nigel had to say about the work in an email to the Werewolf Café:

This is a recreation of Bartolomeo Passarotti's Two-headed figure. It is a ~17th century masterwork outlining the two faces of man. The Kindly old gentleman and the Beast. this image show that man is often overshadowed by the beast side of his being. This picture is often regarded as a picture about lycanthropy and the Passarotti had a thing about Werewolves. This piece got Passarotti in a bit of trouble with the church, but nothing as serious as previous artists had to face.

For me this piece marked my decision to become a professional artist. I was taking a class in drawing at Kent State University and our day's project was to recreate a masterwork in the medium that it was originally done. Everyone in the class was picking out their pieces and my professor comes to me and says "here your doing this!" and shoves this book at me ... so what do say to that but "K ..." then get to work. upon finishing the general response to the piece was positive! many liked it better than the original (a fact I blame on just doing a tighter hatching). So I figured that if I can merit a response that positive perhaps I should try and do this art thing professionally ... and the rest is history. 

Nigel Sade

-- Studio de Sade --

Bubba Gets Cracked

Here is a promotion piece that we are using to promote the next issue of Cracked Magazine #365.

Be sure to check out the next issue of Cracked Magazine... Bubba goes newsstand in this issue!!! Written by Mitch Hyman... Pencils, Inks and partial grayscales by Jesse "Cadre" Hansen and partial grayscales by the ever talented Paulo "Pol" Rivas.

Cracked Magazine #365 due out in September. "Bubba Gets Cracked" is a hilarious story of the potentially epic tale of what happens when the Cracked Cast meet up with Bubba. You will see a special cameo appearance of someone special to the Bubba world these days... the "infamous" Bubba Satellite amongst other things.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a promotional piece for the upcoming issue in the photos section.

Bubba Get Cracked


This promotional piece has been approved by Dick Kulpa himself.

Thank you for your time and consideration as well as your support.


Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

See mine and others artwork:

Hunter's Moon

Hello, fellow werewolf lovers!

We wanted to introduce ourselves and greet you under the full moon.  Our names are Cathy Clamp and CT Adams, and we have written a new paranormal novel entitled, HUNTER'S MOON, that is being published by Tor Books on December 12, 2004.

We started with the premise: What do you get when you cross a werewolf with an assassin?

I suppose the best answer would be:  A good reason to stay in on the full moon!

We'd like to welcome you to the world of the Sazi: powerful shapeshifters who live hidden “in plain sight,” living ordinary lives… well, mostly….

Our anti-hero (!) is Tony Giodone.  Tony is a professional hit man whose life was suddenly, drastically changed when a hit went bad – the victim he stalked began stalking him back.  She used her superhuman werewolf strength to rip out his throat and leave him for dead.  But Tony survived.  He's the stubborn sort.  But now, every day he struggles to cope with an animal nature that is claiming more and more of his life.  Think about it -- how would you react when you found out you jumped through your bedroom window and wandered around for three days, eating live mice and ducks and didn't know it until you came to, naked and sore?  Imagine what it would feel like coming out again!  Haha. The book is written in first person, male perspective, so you get to drop right inside of Tony to find out.

But Tony manages.  That is, until he finds himself unnaturally attracted to a woman, Sue Quentin, who wants to hire him for a special job – to kill *her*.

Why?  Nah.  We'll let you read it to find that out.

But as Tony is drawn further into her life and her problems, the wolf inside of him clamors to be let out - and he comes to realize he's not the only one in the Midwest whose life is ruled by the moon. There are more like him than he ever imagined, and they've been in plain sight the whole time!

But now Tony has enemies in the mob AND among the furry. Sue’s family has their own agenda, and Tony is definitely in the way. Add in a rival hitman and a homicide detective who's bent on locking Tony away, and you've got the recipe for a thrilling roller coaster of a paranormal ride!

We'd like to invite you to explore the complex world of Tony Giodone. Meet Mafia Boss Carmine Leone, and his lovely wife, Linda. Play poker with Joey "the Snake", and run from a rival hit man, as well as the homicide detective who is obsessed with arresting Tony.

Come engulf your senses in a supernatural world where emotions are visible in the air like faded watercolors, and the scent of fear makes your stomach growl.

And once you're hooked and HAVE to read another one (LOL!) you'll be happy to learn that the sequel is anticipated in 2005.

Who are we?  We're average, boring people with regular lives, who like to imagine the world a little darker and more surreal (hence being published by Tor!)  We both live in Texas and have pets and families, and hope to become the next Laurell K. Hamilton pair of writers.  (She seems to think we'll be too!  She sent us straight to her agent after she read the book! <g>)

If you want to see what she said about us, or read a sample chapter and learn more about Hunter’s Moon and our other book, a historical fiction about Colorado's railroad days called ROAD TO RICHES, visit our website at:

We'll see you on the shelves and under the next full moon!

Cathy and Cie

Meet David Naughton of American Werewolf in London

We would like to invite all you werewolf lovers to come and join us and meet David Naughton of American Werewolf in London, in person. He will be at Florida's Largest Horror Convention with friends Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Ricou Browning and many more! Hope to see you all there, it will be a "howlin' good time!

Pete Mongelli

Half Human, Half Animal: Tales of Werewolves and Related Creatures

Hello. I'm Jamie Hall, author of the book "Half Human, Half Animal: Tales of Werewolves and Related Creatures". I have always been interested in animals and mythology, so my book represents a culmination of this life-long interest. You will find plenty of tales about werewolves, werecats, enchanted dolphins, human hyenas and even rat people in my book. Many of these legends come from obscure or highly scholarly books, so the casual werewolf fan is unlikely to have come across them before. If you'd like to know more, just hop on over to my author website at or drop me an email.