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slave2moonlight's Werewolf Travel Adventures

Submitted by: slave2moonlight

Corpus Christi, TX, March 5th, 2005 - The Hilary Duff Most Wanted Concert Tour


Hi-dee-ho, werewolf lovers! It’s time for the very first installment of “slave2moonlight’s Werewolf Travel Adventures!” Just a little segment where I highlight some of my past experiences traveling the globe in my friendly werewolf form. This edition: Corpus Christi, TX, March 5th, 2005 - The Hilary Duff Most Wanted Concert Tour! Yes, early this month, I achieved one of the top items on my list of things to do before someone nails me with a silver bullet or a hand-me-down cane: I saw the girl of my dreams performing live on stage, and she was awesome! But let me give you the rundown from the beginning.

I made the trip with one of my non-werewolf best friends, Marty, who is also into Hilary, but mainly because he's a big copycat, ha. Nah, he just likes any beautiful female... AND he's a big copycat. Anyways, we took off at around 1 p.m. on Saturday, the same day as the concert, and got to Corpus at almost 4. We hit the Padre Staples Mall first. It’s a decent mall, but it seems to be dying out a bit. Actually, I heard that Corpus Christi in general is dying out a bit, which is sad, because it's the closest place we Valley residents have to civilization, even though it's 3 hrs away. It's just beyond that oddly placed border patrol checkpoint. Yes, there's this border patrol checkpoint that, for some reason, is way north of our border counties, which I find rather insulting. Like the rest of the U.S. doesn't consider us officially part of the country.

Anyways, some significant differences are noticeable in Corpus, all over the state, actually. People (including females) are much friendlier there than they are where we live. It's like, apparently the Valley girls didn't get the memo about how friendly Texas is supposed to be. So, Corpus is a breath of fresh air for the single, young Valley guy. I even got hit on by a very cute girl who worked at Spencers, which was pretty cool, because I haven't been hit on since High School and was too naive to recognize it then. Well, I got hit on sometimes in college, but only by foreign exchange students, and I'm very turned off by accents and strange customs (and body hair, which is ironic)... Anyways, aside from seeing Hilary, that little flirtation was the highlight of my day. We talked about action figures for a bit, and horror movies, as I was checking out the new Pirates of the Caribbean figures. Anyway, she was pulled to the register, and we had to make time, so that was the end of that. Dang, wish I'd gotten an e-mail addy. Oh well, I've betrothed myself to Hilary Duff anyway... Where was I? Oh yeah, well, Marty picked up an obnoxious T-Shirt at Hot Topic (okay, I talked him into it), but I was saving my cash for the concert, even though I really wanted a Jack Sparrow figure. By the way, I'm constantly amazed at how many goth types I see at malls nowadays, though not at our McAllen one. The Corpus mall was loaded with them. Which is cool, because Goth fashions are very sexy, ha. Except the tattoos and piercings, which I've never liked. Anywho, we left the mall after checking everything out (I saw some hilarious Napoleon Dynamite shirts, but the funniest ones were in girls’ styles). Then, we headed over to Chili's for dinner, which was right outside the mall. We both had the Chicken nachos. I LOVE those. Good food and lots of cute waitresses, highly recommended.

On to the Half Price Book Store. I could spend hours and millions in this place, but we were down to about half an hour before having to head over to the concert. I was very wary about spending my concert souvenir money, but I did pick up some Hilary Duff books and a Padme Amidala Bookmark (25 cents! Great prices), and a small "Classic Pooh" Gund/Disney Piglet plush. I'd been looking for one to nicely match my Gund/Disney classic Pooh and Tigger plush toys, and found this perfect Piglet for only a buck! They had lots of excellent buys, and I was so tempted to spend more, but I didn't know what to expect at the concert. This was my first concert of that scale.

So, we eventually found the parking area for the concert, rode a tram to the center where it was taking place, and when we got inside, began loading up on souvenirs. I'm a shopaholic, honestly, and this stuff was expensive. Posters were 10 bucks! Magnets were 5 bucks, 10 bucks for those concert passes you hang around your neck, etc... They had lots of stuff, but the bulk of it was jewelry and t-shirts that would only look right on a girl. I came out with 3 of the 4 posters they had though, and a magnet, and a concert pass. Geez, 45 bucks! Oh well, like I said, my first big concert. I don't see that kind of cash very often though, at least, not at this stage in my career! It wasn't easy to resist the few items I didn’t get(but if I'd had more money, I would have bought more, ha).

Okay, so we went into the seating area, and I was pretty shocked. I didn't realize that Hil's main fan-base was still under 12, ha! I mean, she'll be 18 in a few months! I expected a theater full of teenagers, but this place was 90 percent grade schoolers with their moms! Oy! And could these kids ever scream in a high pitched voice! My ears are still shot from it! Anyways, I bit the bullet and ignored the stares (which might have been due to my being a werewolf, but I think they had more to do with the fact that I was one of the only males in the whole place). Hilary was incredible! There's not much more I can say about that! Excellent show! LOVED it! Such a gorgeous and inspirational performer! Even got to see Hilary do a number with her sister toward the end. I had a great time, though it was a bit lonely. Didn't even get to sit next to my buddy that I came with, since we bought our tickets a bit late. We had floor seats, far away, but not TOO far. I mean, I could totally see Hil, but the screen behind her was definitely necessary to see her face. Anyways, it was an amazing show! I had a fantastic time! After it was over, we paused on the way out so Marty could snap a picture of me with his camera phone for the Cafe!

So, then we left and came home, stopping at a gas station to fill up and get a Krispy Kreme(as we don't have those in the Valley), and that was my day. We got back around 1 a.m. because of that 3 hour drive. Then, I got to hear about my parents' time at the “Lycan Rising” fundraiser art show I had to miss, where some of my paintings were on display. Wish both events hadn’t fallen on the same night! Nothing comes before Hilary though, he he. Okay, that's it for this month, gang! Remember, “Have fur, will travel!”

Leave it to them crazy Cajuns!

Submitted by: Speedbump

This seasoning was passed around by one of the cooking guests on our morning show. It's quite tasty... very similar in flavor to Tony Chachere's cajun spice mix but without the horrendous amount of salt. Goes great with breakfast eggs and sausage. Or a rare steak.

Here's the text on the back label if it's too small to read on the image:

"Loup Garou: Cajun Spices"

Loup Garou is a cajun folklore werewolf that inhabits the Louisiana swamps and bayous. The seasoning is an extraordinary blend of cajun spices and traditional family recipes. The taste of Loup Garou is bound to have you howling for more.

Ingredients: Garlic and Herbs, red pepper, salt, other traditional cajun spices, and no MSG.

To order:

Theriot's Cajun Cooking
123.5 Theo Street
Lafayette, LA 70508

Lou Garou Front

Loup Garou Back