Submitted by: Keith Klein

I am the creator of a fairly new female werewolf comic book series called Autumn Moon. The first issue is out and the second one is about to go to press at the end of's for mature audiences, has nudity and some violence. Autumn Moon is a very realistic story about what would happen to your life if you actually woke up one day and found out that you were a werewolf.

Autumn Moon has already generated a huge following, and I have readers and fans in several countries. Up until now I've only been promoting it to comic book fans, but I thought I'd go right to the source and hop on a few werewolf boards and spread the word about my comic series to some fellow werewolf fans. Even if you're not into comics (I'm really not a "comic fan" believe it or not) you will like this book. Autumn Moon is not a typical was a movie script that I storyboarded out into comic form.

I have been trying to get the second comic printed for a while now, but my wife and I had a baby last Christmas and we have no health insurance and it wiped us I'm trying to generate enough sales by the end of July so I can fullfil my promise to all my fans. I hope that some of you can help make my goal possible.

If you are tired of the crappy representations that werewolves have gotten from Hollywood and novels, then Autumn Moon is for you...but again, this comic is not for most of the truely good werewolf films, it's rated R.

Please visit my site: I also take on heavy issues like politics, world affairs and religion (I myself am a pagan) in my at your own risk if you don't want to be woken up to what's going on in the world.

I hope to hear from some of you soon...

Keith Klein

Creator of Autumn Moon & Surfur Gurl