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Werewolf restaurant

Here are two photographs of the werewolf restaurant in Italy.



Card Wolves

A few at the Café may have heard of Yugioh, the trading card game...but I imagine even fewer were aware there were wolves among the decks!

I've made a hobby of sorts to collect all the Yugioh-variety of canines, including the Nin-Ken Dog, which bears a curious ressemblance to Ninjawolf, a three-headed, burning Cerberus, and Silver Fang...a majetic-looking white wolf. Of course...the one I favor most is the Wolf Axwielder who is definetely the werewolf of this (card) pack!

Appropriately enough...I've got a moon among my cards to accompany my hounds of the game board.

Yugio Wolves

Sword of Power, Belt of Lycanthropic Might

Two werewolf items I chanced upon. The sword, referred to as a Klaive, I got from my local comic book shop...and not for cheap either! The belt buckle that features an amazingly detailed werewolf face was taken from ebay.

Klaive and Belt

Belt Buckle

Writer's Pride

The year's end has come and yet it has been a year of some major firsts for me. Fitting for me to reveal them under the final, and appropriately, "Wolf's Moon" of the year.

Here's a snapshot of a year's work for me: "Bubba The Redneck Werewolf"#6 and "Fang, Claw, & Steel"#21.

Writers Pride

When I heard about a fan issue coming out, I immediately started drawing up what was to become the 2nd story of the issue: "10,000 Leaks Under the Sink", in which our hero Bubba goes on a fishing trip that goes awry. I was overjoyed to see my stuff in print.

Fang, Claw, & Steel was my second - a Canadian "fanzine" dedicated to publishing lycanthropic characters, both in story and art. By Halloween's night, the deadline, I emailed a copy of "Just Like Dad" to the editor, and waited just as eagerly as I did for "10,000 Leaks". I was equally pleased when I heard its approval, and then saw it in print.

This is just the beginning for me, but it's definetely a beginning WORTH remembering!