March marks the initial full moon phase when The Werewolf Cafe opened it's virtual doors into cyberspace (I guess you could say The Werewolf Cafe's territory has now been marked here).

We want to thank everyone for stopping by and supporting The Werewolf Cafe site over the past three years. We want to send out a special thank you to the forum members for the many interesting werewolf related posts on the site and to all the people who contributed something that is posted here on the main site that is only available during full moon phases.

The Werewolf Cafe site has grown significantly over the past year since the site's statistics were last posted in this diary menu, so although this year's statistics are approximate, it gives you an idea: 1,712,384 page views, 840 forum members, 1,068 forum topics and 118,444 forum posts.

We look forward to the next year and seeing what kinds of werewolf related things appear on the site during that time. Again, thank you all so much for your support of the site, let the birthday celebration begin, beware of the full moon...