Submitted by: Full Moon

Two years ago, the full moon was on March 6th, 2004, and that was the first day The Werewolf Cafe opened it's doors into cyberspace. On the official 2 year anniversary of that date (which was March 6th, 2006), the site had approximately 341 forum members, 636 forum topics, 63,035 forum posts, 883,864 page loads, 67,906 webhits and was at 6,223 webhits per month. We want to thank all of the great actors, actresses, artists, authors, writers, directors and forum members for all of their support over the past two years. Thank you all so very much! We also want to thank all returning visitors and today's new visitors, as there are so many of you that stop by to check out the site at full moon phases, we thank you!