The full moon has a completely different meaning for me now since The Werewolf Café first opened its web-doors here on this corner of cyberspace.  I used to watch the sky and look for the full moon, but now I don't even need to see it to know when it's coming, as I know what day it is, how many days away it is and etc.  Kinda funny, but I always make myself look for the full moon anyway, as I still think it is one of the coolest things.  The full moon phase is always a very busy time here behind the scenes, and kind of interesting because quite a few of us only communicate to each other by emails in order to plan and coordinate what we are doing for the site each month, and when the full moon gets closer we are already out of time and our admin has to work hard at coding and posting everything like a madman to get it on the site before the web-doors open, so it won't have to wait until a future full moon.  Once the site is open for a full moon, even more emails fly around back and forth in order to relay messages to fine tune things to make sure everything looks o.k., works o.k., got posted o.k. and etc., so you can hopefully enjoy the site better.  We really want this site to be as nice as it can be for you when it's open, and we try to keep it interesting, new and fresh looking.  Things are always changing on the site from month to month.  We've been having fun with it, and the people we have working with us here are just great.