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Lottery...what if?

Another diary entry? Well, how about what would I do if I won the lottery? 

O.k., well, if I won the lottery (something I play with some friends of mine, we go in on tickets together on a somewhat regular basis here), so if I won, I would like to have a physical space for The Werewolf Café.  Maybe a coffee shop of sorts, with a wall for autographs, a wall for a display case filled with werewolf memorabilia, a wall with a book case and a wall with a counter for selling coffee, beverages, etc.  It would be cool to have book signings and artists stop by, just to have a cup a coffee and/or talk about their projects, and just to carry over the "feel good" atmosphere of the site into a physical space.  It could be an old or new place with old or new couches and chairs (you know with plenty of room to sit around and talk with cool and interesting people), and it would be cool to be open reallly late too. 

If I won the lottery, it would be cool just to run it to break even (or at a loss if I won enough, ha, ha), and I'ld proabably want to hang out there a lot (as it is, I hang out with friends at coffee shops quite a bit now, and it's a complete riot), it would be cool to have this permanent "extended family" type atmosphere where my family, friends and cool people could hang out, yeah, it would be awesome, one can dream.


I was given the duty of writing in this part of the site for this month (as it has been saying "coming soon" in the header for like two months now), so here goes:
This site has been an experience to say the least, there are quite a few of us doing different things on this site, as you can probably tell.  The site has technically only been open for 6 days (this is the 7th), and we think it is doing very well for a new site, better than what we all thought.  We are very appreciative of all the people who have supported this site in some way, like our familes, our friends, the featured actors & actresses, the featured authors and the featured artists.  They're all great, and you're all great for being here to read this today, thank you.  I like the positive/friendly atmosphere of this site, you can tell from reading some of the posts it has an extended family sort of feel to it, like going to a neighborhood diner or coffee shop.  It is my hopes it will always remain that way, and get better with time.  There are some very talented people supporting and contributing to this site, I am amazed by what each full moon brings.  It is funny that among all of us working on the site now, none of us know what the site is going to look like from month to month either, as we all email into the same address and we are all locked out of the site between full moons, except for the site's administrator (but he doesn't know what we are emailing in), so basically we are all in the dark, but somehow it all works out by the full moon, and it's been fun, interesting, stressful, exciting and etc.  "Full Moon" is kind of a "mascot of sorts" for this site, he's kind of the alter ego of a couple of the people working here on the site.