Submitted by: Full Moon

The Werewolf Cafe has had a lot of traffic this month due to the Halloween holiday, there must be a lot of people looking up werewolf related things on the internet this month! The forums have really grown over the past month and there are many new werewolf related things that recently came out or will be coming out including movies, books, comics and toys. There are many people who joined the forums on the site who are working on some of these werewolf related projects themselves, so, please feel free to stop by the forums and take a look at topics that may be of interst to you. The forums were redone a few months back, and since then, they have been "tweeked" to make things easier for people to find things. Right now the forums are pretty well set with its new look and layout. If you are a big fan of werewolves, we invite you to join the forums, as there are many werewolf fans on the site interested in werewolf films, books, comics, collectibles and more. Please sign the guestbook and say "hello" before you leave the site today, thank you and enjoy the site! Happy Halloween!