This time of year has always been a point of reflection for me (as it probably is for many people).  During the last three years I have made some major New Year's resolutions (which I've actually kept).  When reflecting back on The Werewolf Café, I would have to say that this site has really been fortunate to have some great forum members and visitors (as can be seen in postings on the "Forum" and "Guest Book" menus).  The Werewolf Café has also been lucky enough to have the support of various talented artists, authors, writers, actors and actresses.  While The Werewolf Café is still a relatively new and unknown site, it is shapeshifting into something significant.  The Werewolf Café, doing better than originally thought possible, will now see its first birthday in March, we'll see what the next year brings.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you All!