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Actor/Entertainer/Author Kenny Miller

Submitted by: Full Moon

A big thank you goes out to Actor/Entertainer/Author Kenny Miller who autographed these great pictures from the movie "I was a Teenage Werewolf" that he acted in. Kenny payed the part of "Vic" in that film. Kenny has a website at where you can find out all kinds of information about him and his various projects. Thank you so much Kenny! *Special note: there are more autographed "I was a Teenage werewolf" movie pictures that can be found in the photo archives here on this site.

Kenny Miller

Kenny Miller

Actor Mike Lane

Submitted by: The Busboy

Mike Lane is the lead actor of the werewolf storyline within the movie titled "The Tenement." In that movie, Mike's character is a man who believes he is becoming a werewolf. Mike has a website at where you can find his resume and much more. Mike is a forum member on this site, and there is a forum for the movie "The Tenement" on the site here that you may want to check out. Thank you Mike for this great autographed picture you did for the site!

Mike Lane

Actress/Model Syn DeVil

Submitted by: Full Moon

Syn DeVil is an actress in the werewolf storyline found within the movie "The Tenement" (along with actor and forum member Mike Lane). Syn has a website at (special note: that site is for people who are 18 years and older). Syn, if you see this, thank you for this great autographed picture you did for the site here!

Syn De Vil

Halloween 05 (Beast)

Submitted by: Brad

This Year I took a twist on the wolf and went as Beast. This was my 2005 Halloween costume. A close cousin to the werewolf was the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.