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Our new Mascot?

Thanks to lovely Miss C. for sending us a picture of her beloved Sirus...he does have a bit of a wolfish look about him, don't you think?


Howling Comic

We met the guys from Dead Dog Comics at the Wizard World comic convention here in Rosemont.  Their new Howling comic looks like it will be great over-the-top werewolf fun and they were really enthusiastic about be doing comics based on classic monster movies like Night of the Living Dead and The Howling.  They were also nice guys who supplied us with these lithographs and signed them to the cafe.  These pictures don't do them justice (not having a big enough scanner, I had to use a camera), but these lithos are really nice, with amazing vivid colors and some really savage looking "classic" werewolves.  Thanks to the guys at Dead Dog!

Howling Comic

Robert Picardo

A big thanks goes to Robert Picard for sending the following photo. He played Eddie Quist in the sure to read The Howling review in the movies section this month and check out Robert's web site.

Eddie Quist

Better late than never...

These t-shirts were given to everyone who attended The Werewolf Café's infamous "blue moon party."  The saying "once in a blue moon" really means something when you consider that the next "blue moon" won't be until June 30, 2007 at 1:49pm.  

Blue Moon Shirt

Blue Moon Shirt

Slave2Moonlight's Werewolf Collection

Here are some items from my personal werewolf collection. Of course, this is not my entire collection, just a few favorites. I particularly love the Mickey Mouse Werewolf Beanie. Being a Disney fanatic as well as a werewolf lover, it's a perfect collectible for me! The Pozers Wolf Man and Universal Wolf Man 8 inch action figure are also VERY cool! The CVS toys are awesome too, and the Jack In the Box Kids' Meal toy with the electronic howl when you push down his arms! I love the Werewolf Winnie the Pooh plush, but hope to get the Werewolf Tigger soon, since he is my favorite Pooh character. This year, a Werewolf Stitch was released!

Werewolf Collection

This link pops up a slightly smaller version of the image above in case that one's too big for you to see on your screen.