The Werewolf Café recently met up with actress Dee Wallace Stone.  Dee portrayed the main character Karen, a t.v. reporter, in the original film titled "The Howling."  Dee told some interesting stories the day we met her, she said her movie contract stated no scenes of her actually as a werewolf, so the actress at the end of the movie was actually someone else, it was not Dee.  Dee calls the werewolf that she was supposed to become the "Bambi werewolf," (people on the forums here call it the "werepekinese").  Dee had said that the reason that the werewolf for her charcter looked so different from the rest of the werewolves was because it was supposed to signify how her character, Karen, fought so hard against the werewolves in the movie, so it was more of an artistic statement.  After Dee was hired for the film, she had a hand in getting her fiancee (Christoper Stone) a part in the movie as well.  Thank you Dee, if you were able to stop by to read this.  We told Dee we would mention her fan club URL at and her acting class information URL at 

Dee Wallace Stone