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Svengoolie autographed picture

On May 22nd, we met up with Svengoolie, and he autographed his picture for this site.  Svengoolie is a great Chicagoland television personality, he hosts and features horror movies during his show.  If you live in or visit Chicago, please check out his program at 9 pm Saturday night shows on Channel 26 (WCIU).  He's hysterically funny (and yes, he'd be your best bet to feature a werewolf movie when your looking for one to watch while in Chicago).




Actual Photographs of the Full Moon

We just received an email from our friend Therese in Chicago with actual photographs of the full moon. Here's what she had to say:

I just went out and took a few pictures of my full moon here in Chicago. I tried to keep power lines and street lights out of the shots for more a more natural view. Here are the 3 best ones.

May 2004 Full Moon

May 2004 Full Moon

May 2004 Full Moon