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"Eerie PA" Magazine (Discover the hidden world of Pennsylvania)

A big thank you goes out to Eerie PA's Editor-in-chief/Publisher/Layouts & Designs Joel Rickenbach for this autographed issue of "Eerie PA" magazine!

Eerie PA Magazine Issue 2

This particular issue (Issue 2) contains an interesting werewolf article titled "Werewolf of West Chester" that people here would be interested in.

Please visit the "Eerie PA" website at for more information about this magazine.

Thank you so much Joel!

Two New Werewolf Books by Author AL J. Vermette

In a time long ago, in a land of myths and monsters he was born. Half man, half wolf the warrior Lucan walks the world in search of a place to call home.

Sapphire Publications is happy to let the world know that the first two chapbooks in the "Lucan" Series is out by author AL J. Vermette the creator of Werewolf Magazine, The Horror Writer and Blood Moon Rising. The two books of the series "Lucan: Heart of The Warrior" and "Lucan: Serpents Reign" are now available at the Sapphire Publications website at as well as at and as well.

Join Lucan on his quest for a new life as he fights evil all the way!



Face of the Screaming Werewolf

What once was my "little surrealist project" is finally available as a book from

It's called Face of the Screaming Werewolf, a title many of you may recognize from one of director Jerry Warren's bad film projects. The film is memorable as the last time Lon Chaney (Jr.) donned his Wolf Man make-up for the silver screen! Chaney fans are quick to point out his small screen performance on that 1962 episode of Route 66, where he played the lycanthrope (co-starring horror veterans Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff).

Because Jerry Warren derived most of his footage from two Mexican movies (La Casa del Terror and Momia Azteca), Face of the Screaming Werewolf is noteable for its utter lack of congruency -- which is what made it the ideal inspiration for an even weirder story about alien espionage, sadomasochistic vampires, philosopher robots, the nature of elitism, demons in the Yucatan, and Satan's fall.

The novel also makes a mention of some popular TV horror hosts you'll recognize: Svengoolie, Elvira and Zacherle.

A major theme of Face of the Screaming Werewolf is the conflicting values of elitism and the common man, particularly as exemplified in our Miltonian "hero." Bad films play a large part in this "philosophical horror novel" because of the ability for some people to find the best in the worst of things. And, ultimately, this book with the generic title turns out to be something shockingly deeper than a werewolf tale.

Forgoing literary complexity, the book at least has a great cover, if we must judge a book on that. I wrote it and even I can't get over what a great job these book jacket designers did.

Catch you around,

Ken Gage

[Admin Note: You can read an excerpt at]

Morbid Cravings

Gladys Furphy & Jessica James book, "Morbid Cravings", is available now.

Book Description:

Hilda Brooks is literally fading away from her anorexia/bulimia disorder-and losing whatever self-esteem she had. An attack by a werewolf in New York City not only changes Hilda into a fierce animal during nocturnal rampages, but impacts her "normal" life as well. Suddenly Hilda's eating disorder becomes a thing of the past. She evolves socially, no longer avoids people-rather she pursues them! Never again the "doormat", Hilda changes into a viable, assertive, twenty-first century woman. She is now a "Wolfbitch," empowered and emboldened. Hilda no longer fears food, she worships it-in the human form.

Morbid Cravings is but one woman's journey into the often-troubled world of human relationships. It offers a pleasurable and frightening read, reaching beneath the surface of illusions to the tortured wellspring of prevalent and visible illnesses in today's world-illnesses suffered by so many women of all ages in all walks of life. This novel fosters a refreshingly new feminist outlook to the arena of werewolves and horror alike.

You can preview the book at

You can also join the discussion with Jessica James (Morbidjess) in our forums.