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Linda S. Godfrey Interview

Recently found out that Linda S. Godfrey is going to be interviewed on the Jeff Rense radio show ( via streaming global audio on Friday January 28, during the first hour of broadcast (9:30 - 10:30 p.m. Central Standard Time).

Also there will be an interview conducted by Brad Steiger in one of the next FATE magazine issues.

Comic "Night" from Jester Press

Jester Press has a new comic out titled "Night" which has a werewolf storyline.  Thank you Troy Hasbrouck (who does the writing) and Buddy Prince (pencils, inks and lettering) for autographing the first two issues of "Night" for The Werewolf Cafe!  You can visit the Jester Press website at to find out more information about this comic, view artwork, read reviews, read bios, find ordering information and more.  Thank you Troy and Buddy!