Submitted by: Jesse "Cadre" Hansen

[Admin Note: Somehow I missed this one too last month. I'm so sorry about's been a bad couple months for me. Hopefully this is better late than never.]

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #7 is out in stores as we speak...

Get yours now while they last...

This issue as many already know it the first for many things...

  • FIRST: Color issue of Bubba
  • FIRST: Fully collaborative effort by the Cadre Corner as a complete studio
  • FIRST: Cannonball pencilled comic book story
  • FIRST: Completely inked Cadre story and as an Art Director
  • FIRST: Paulo Rivas Color story completely in the United States.

I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed working with everyone on it. ;)

Regards, The The Cadre Corner Communique Team

Bubba #7