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A new kind of monster from the Cadre Corner

Submitted by: Cadre

The Cadre Corner is working on a new title which will bring to life a new
kind of monster... this is the cover of the upcoming book from Workhorse Comics and
the Cadre Corner Studios.

Hellion Cover

Dead Dog Entertainment

Submitted by: Full Moon

A big "thank you" goes out to Dead Dog Entertainment (and forum member BIglehart) for this great werewolf litho autographed to The Werewolf Cafe! Dead Dog Enterprises plans an April release of a new werewolf comic series titled "The Howling: Curse of the Blood Clan." For more information about the "The Howling: Curse of the Blood Clan" and to find out about other projects from Dead Dog Entertainment, visit their website at for that and more. Also, there is a forum about "The Howling: Curse of the Blood Clan" on this site that you can check out too.

The Howling Comic Poster