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Hanging Werewolf

Submitted by: Full Moon

I found this while searching the web, it looks totally cool:

Lon Chaney Junior

Be sure to check this one out:

At the Lon Chaney Junior official website at you can go into the store and there are 3 unusal werewolf car items in the "monsters of the speedway" section and 2 cool autographed items and 1 personal item in the "collectibles" section and a bunch of models in the "models" section.

Sierra Leone Wolf Man Stamp

Here is another stamp, it is Sierra Leone's Wolf Man Stamp:

Sierra Leone Wolf Man Stamp

Canadian Werewolf Stamp

Not only did the United States make a werewolf stamp, but Canada did too, here is Canada's Werewolf Stamp:

Canadian Werewolf Stamp

Werewolf Pendant

This two - tone pewter pentagram pendant is a great find!  It is called "hour of the wolf."  It is a pendant showing a werewolf running in front of a pentagram.  I have one of these hanging from the rearview mirrror of my car, it was a great find! You can get yours at

Hour od the Wolf

Werewolf Thimble

O.k., this item is way cool (yeah, I bought one of these too).  It is a pewter thimble with an amber colored Swarovski crystal in the bottom part.  It has a full mooon and forest type design on bottom part of the thimble, and the top werewolf part of the thimble reminds me of the werewolf that Lon Chaney Junior played.  The price is about $8.75 and definitely a "cool" find. You can get yours at

Werewolf Thimble

"Beast: Fury Unleashed"

This cool collector's item of Beast (a cool animated werewolf), from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" can be ordered from collector's stores.  This piece is entitled "Beast: Fury Unleashed" (we like that name too, very cool) and runs for $250.00 from the "Classics Walt Disney Collection."

Silver Chrome Wolfman Cane

Here's an intersting find...a replica of the cane from "The Wolf Man". From their site:

I've had many, many request for this Original Size Head and it's finally here. The Full Size "Wolf Man Style Cane" head weighs over 3 pounds! Also comes in regular size. Note: This is not an actual copy off the original movie prop, but a hand sculptured replica.

Harry Potter's Lupin Werewolf

Along with the new Harry Potter movie came a werewolf action figures from Mattel.  In particular we note the Lupin Werewolf transforming and posable action figure which retails for around $9.99 and the Mini Figures Series which retails for $7.99.