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The Wolf Man statue

1/6 scale pre-painted cold-cast resin bust stautue of Universal's "The Wolf Man" at from X-Plus USA can be found here.

Lighter Side

Getting ready for Halloween, do you want to be a werewolf (if you aren't already)?  Well, I found this link to some very affordable wolfman costume accessories, so here's the link to a cool looking wolfmanwolf shirt (the wolfman feet and hands are below it, and they have a mask on their site too, it looks like one stop shopping to affordable werewolf costume items):

Slave2Moonlight's Werewolf Collection

Here are some items from my personal werewolf collection. Of course, this is not my entire collection, just a few favorites. I particularly love the Mickey Mouse Werewolf Beanie. Being a Disney fanatic as well as a werewolf lover, it's a perfect collectible for me! The Pozers Wolf Man and Universal Wolf Man 8 inch action figure are also VERY cool! The CVS toys are awesome too, and the Jack In the Box Kids' Meal toy with the electronic howl when you push down his arms! I love the Werewolf Winnie the Pooh plush, but hope to get the Werewolf Tigger soon, since he is my favorite Pooh character. This year, a Werewolf Stitch was released!

Werewolf Collection

This link pops up a slightly smaller version of the image above in case that one's too big for you to see on your screen.