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Joshua Warrick - Werewolf for Hire

Submitted by: red_streak

Another werewolf comic find I chased upon at my comic store. Printed by A Catatomic Comic. We're given a snipet of the life of Joshua Warrick in this story - learning he was born and persecuted since the 1600s, rescued by a witch who transformered herself into a cat, and to this day performs acts of heroism through his lycanthropic incarnation. I liked the beginning showing him as a baby werewolf. I have to say it's at least worth a look. :)

Werewolf for Hire

The Very Big Monster Show

Submitted by: red_streak

Courtesy of BlueEyesWolf, I present 'The Very Big Monster Show'.

This graphic comic book Steve Niles and Butch Adams is a story about a boy whose a fan of the classic movie monsters including Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy...and of course the Wolfman, finds his monster heroes dejected, as they've been forced to retire as movie studios have been hiring 'new' monsters to terrify the audiences. He doesn't give up hope, and convinces his heroes to give it one old-fashioned 'monsterous' effort!

The art is definetely unique, but I loved the story. I again have to thank BlueEyesWolf for giving this to me. :)

Very Big Monster Show

Werewolf by night bust

Submitted by: Full Moon

Wow, the werewolf toys are coming right and left, here's a link to another one

Werewolf By Night

Werewolf Candles

Submitted by: Full Moon

Werewolf candles at Dark Candles.