Blood Moon Rising 31 Cover

Hello to all, Sapphire Publications is proud to say that Blood Moon Rising Issue #31 our big special issue is now up and running right on the BMR Website. Many of you are BMR staff members or have short stories in this issue or you were interviewed and or you are one of the many Blood Moon Rising fans out there known as The Legion. Well this issue is for YOU!

This is our free preview issue that some of you have heard about. The idea was to give something back to the many fans who have been with us over the last 7 years. With this new issue being right on the BMR website more horror fans can see BMR like never before. Fans from all over the world who may have never heard of The Magazine For All Things Horror now can check it out and enjoy it.

I would like to thank BMR writer and Web Master D.W. Jones for his work in creating this issue on the website, as you can see he did one hell of a job. After checking out the new issue stop by the website itself and see all the new books we are publishing these days.....and with more to come. Enjoy BMR Issue #31 and besure to look for Issue #32 in the months ahead.

AL J. Vermette
Sapphire Publications