By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter

Before I encountered my third werewolf. The first ones being Lolita Moonshadow and Katrina Kanine, in which I have already written about, I will tell you what I did September 30, 2007, Sunday. I went to Nancy Bradley's (Psychic to the Stars) office (called the Haunted Cottage) to film Ghost Girls. I brought paranormal investigator Chris Grissom with me and we met up with the Ghost Girls themselves...Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe and Nancy Bradley! Nancy and her husband Robert Reppert treated us to a lavish Mexican dinner at Casa Romos Restaurant. Robert Repport, Paranormal Investigator for Gold Rush Ghosts took us to about 5 family cemeteries in Placerville, where we took pictures of Shannon & Nancy at various gravesites for the upcoming DVD 'Ghost Girls'. In one of the cemeteries I turned on my Listen Up - sound enhancer device and picked up a small girl saying 3 inaudible words. Nancy determined it was a small girl named Betty Carlton, age 5 years old. When I was leaving this local Placerville cemetery, it was as if the little phantom girl didn't want me to leave and she said a distinct 'hey!' After we filmed in Nancy's office and I was heading home, Nancy gave me her book 'The Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts (The Big Picture) by Nancy Bradley & Robert Reppert and signed it "To Paul, My New Partner in Crime - Blessings to my friend Nancy Bradley 2007." What a sweet lady and I will cherish her book forever! Make sure to pick up the DVD Ghost Girls, for more information, check out Nancy's website at:

Now to the werewolf I was talking about! Meet The Mundane. This is the name that our werewolf girl calls herself. I met her at Starbucks in Vallejo. She drove up from Fremont and I drove down from Sacramento, we met half way. I have never seen The Mundane before, but I was able to spot her out easily. She wore cat ears head band, a pentagram ring and a black T-shirt that read 'Live Animal'. Not hard to find at all. She was busy drawing, this 21 year old girl can draw as good as Boris Vallejo. She displayed some of her wonderful fantasy artwork. This is her story. About 4 years ago, she was bit by a mountain lion while doing voluntary work at the San Diego Zoo. The male mountain lion was playing with her at first and had her arm in his mouth, then he got rough and actually bit her. The Mundane tells me that everyone has an animal spirit within their being and when she got bit, it brought out her wolflike attributes that she was born with. She tells me she even knows a were-moose. When she got bit that day, the essence of the wolf took over her persona. It possessed her. She tells me that she is friends with a were-panther named Cassandra, that has actual bat wings attached to her back. She tells me that it's rare for werewolves to really transform and that she can't transform at all.

The Mundane says that on the energy plane anything is possible and that includes living fire-breathing dragons. She said that she has heightened senses, such as hearing, smell, eyesight and even the sense of touch. She can feel the fluctuations around a person's body. When she became a werewolf, the hairs on her arms became dark. She pulls up her pants leg and displays a whole lot of hair on her legs. The Mundane was born and raised a Catholic, but has embraced the Pagan beliefs. She craves meat, has eaten raw meat, but mostly orders medium rare steaks. During a full moon, her senses sky rocket in intensity. This happens the day before a full moon, during the full moon and after a full moon. Three nights of sensationally heightened senses. She tells me that silver cannot harm her, but she has heard that silver can cause an allergic reaction to some werewolves. She doesn't like to be in enclosed spaces. She lives a normal working life as a hostess at the Olive Garden, she has a boyfriend and her boyfriend is not 'awakened', but he is also a werewolf. None of her relatives are werewolves. She tells me that she believes in the afterlife, she listens to Celtic, country and blues music. She loves to hunt and she will hunt deer with a long bow. She adores animals and will help animals, she has been known to take in stray dogs. Vultures, any bird of prey, ravens and crows follow her around. She is also a 'falconer', she is able to hunt with falcons. She displays no canine teeth. She tells me that she knows a few vampires (energy and physical vampires) and that werewolves and vampires are not mortal enemies as Hollywood would like you to believe. She has gone to a vampire club and she wasn't welcome. This was just the way the club treated her, not because they didn't like werewolves. To pass time, she at times plays Dungeons & Dragons, Masquerade and Werewolf Apocalypse. She tells me how she first learned about HPI, through one of my articles on my scouting mission with Athena Quinn to Sutter's Fort. She is very familiar with Sutter's Fort and the church nearby where we found some EVP evidence. She explains to me that she is a slight empath and that when she lived in Sacramento on 50/Bradshaw, she would hear noises at night and the lights turned on randomly on their own. At her friend's house in Sacramento, there was an explosion heard in the house and when she investigated the explosion with her friend, they discovered a plastic mug had shattered into 5 pieces for no apparent reason. She elaborates more on how she loves animals and fondly talks about her black Labrador retriever named Brutus Maximus. She calls Brutus, her baby. One of the psychic abilities that she has is being able to know when her friends will call her or visit with her, before it happens. Her sixth sense ability seems to be centered on her closest associates. Her favorite movies are Van Helsing, American Werewolf in Paris, she even loved the werewolves that were featured in Harry Potter and Dr. Who. During a full moon, she is more sexually aroused.

Here is the strange part of my interview, I learn that certain entities inhabit her body. They are Isis the Dragon, Dartanian the Raptor (yep, a dinosaur inhabits her body), Thane the Chinese Dragon - Protector of the 4th Tower, Kata the Demon - which is in the form of a black spectral tiger. She has a Phoenix named Moonshadow (no relation to Lolita Moonshadow) that is her guardian. She has learned to write in ancient pagan runes. I got curious and asked her what animal spirit inhabits my body? She said it was a raccoon, because of my journalistic curiosity. Before I left, she asked if HPI could investigate two areas that she has frequented, the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and some overgrown weed infested cemetery in Fremont. I explained to her that I have been to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and found the place....mysterious, especially when balls roll up hill and trees grow to a slant. I have always theorized that The Mystery Spot is a point of origin for a leyline, but that is only my theory. When I visited the Mystery Spot, I also stopped over for a tour of the Winchester Mansion....I love that place!

I will be enclosing drawings that The Mundane showed me, some of the drawings are the entities that inhabit her body, some are drawings of her were friends and some are just drawings from her mind. The white wolf is called Ghost, that is the essence of the wolf that now inhabits her body.

Being a paranormal investigator, I have investigated so many things paranormal, such as a numerologist, psychics, the Wicca culture, werewolves, vampires, UFOs, cults, secret societies, ghosts, possible demon possession and I soon will be investigating the last of the Lemurians at Mt. Shasta, along with Bigfoot. I have always wanted to investigate dopplegangers, incubus, succubus, Mothmen, Men in Black, Reptilians, sea serpents, zombies and anything else considered paranormal. So for the reader reading this article, if you have something unusual you want me to check out, let's say you have a crop circle in your backyard, give me a ring. I will be there in a moment's notice, because stepping into the paranormal is my business. As I headed back to Sacramento, I threw on the song 'Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon' and 'Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett', you know how I like getting into the mood of things!

Special Note: The Mundane would not allow me to take her photograph or use her real name in this article. I am able to display her artwork for this article, digital photographs from her scrapbook.

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Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter


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