This story happened to me over ten years ago now, when I was in Tucson, Arizona visiting my Sister and Brother-in-law. My Sister had picked me up at the airport at about 12:30am, at that time I always took red-eye flights wherever I went traveling by plane because I never had any money, and red-eye flights were significantly cheaper back then.

When I got into the Tucson airport, I wasn’t tired after my flight, and I hadn’t seen my Sister in a year, so she and I decided to go to a “Circle K” convenience store to pick up some food, snacks and drinks, and then drive out to a picnic area somewhere in the Saquaro National Forest. We drove out to the edge of the desert (forest) area and my Sister parked her car in a small parking lot that was adjacent to two picnic table areas.

The only light we had was the bright white light of the moon, and no one was out there but the two of us, absolutely no one, by that time it was about 1:30am. My Sister suggested that we “go for a walk” to a resort that was supposed to be about a mile down the road, it was called “The Point,” I believe. I said “sure” and we started to walk down a deserted road that would lead us to where the resort was supposed to be located…but we never made it that far.

We had only walked about a quarter of a mile when my Sister and I both looked at each other and said at the exact same time, “do you want to go back to the car?” We both agreed that we should go back. On the walk back to the car, we both had said that we had an irrational fear overcome us.

Were we afraid of the dark? or afraid of something else? Did we have some kind of an intuition? Who knows?

When we got back to the car we rolled the car windows down, talked and drank our sodas…and that’s when “it” came. I will never forget that low throaty growling sound as long as I live, and it was unlike anything I have ever heard before.

At first there was a growl in the not so distant distance, and I said, “did you hear that?” My Sister definitely heard the growl too! The thing continued to growl, and the growl got louder and louder, and we believed the thing was moving in closer and closer to the car! We were literally scared to death, we rolled up the car windows and I said, “let’s get out of here!” My Sister agreed, she started up the car, backed up and turned to get out of the tiny parking lot with the thing growling at us the whole time. The headlights never shown on what “it” was, but at that time I was convinced that “it” was a werewolf, and that’s purely because on a previous trip when I visited my Sister, my Brother-in-law and I saw a t.v. commercial for a “Werewolf Hotline.”

Sure, we’ll never know for sure what “it” was that we heard that night, that thing that was watching us and closing in on the car, but if there are no such things as werewolves, why does Tucson, Arizona have a “Werewolf Hotline?” Now, years after the fact, my Sister and I still tell this story and the fear that went along with it that night, I have never been scared like that before, and I’ll never forget that night…and “yes” this is a true story.

three comments:

...It probably wasn’t a werewolf.

There are a lot of vicious small dogs running around in Arizona,

due to the large population of senior citizens.

You just have to carry Milk Bones in your pocket to tame those pesky beasts.
beetlejuicer - June 04 2004 - 11:22

Heh heh. Somehow I don’t think milk bones would sate a werewolf. Scarry story I must say, and, werewolf or not, you and your sister followed your instincts well.
Bill Taylor () - October 26 2004 - 23:36

wow. great story. I think I would actually wait and get bitten. I think werewolves are sexy and when they see the moon it’s just so awesome when their eyes retract. well… don’t ask me anything but, are their any werewolves in here?
valerie () - April 21 2005 - 21:29

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