Welcome to The Werewolf Cafe's July full moon phase! This month's full moon is called the "Full Buck Moon" (due to bucks growing new antlers), "Full Thunder Moon" (due to the thunderstorms around this time of year) or "Full Hay Moon."

A few words about the forums on this site: if you are interested in collecting werewolf comic books, check out the forums for preview order numbers and information about upcoming and current comic books. You will also find out about the numerous werewolf collectibles that are available, like toys, games, dolls, and etc., in the forums. The forums are also a really good place to find out about the numerous werewolf "indie" films that have been made or are being made around the world.

    Upcoming werewolf related releases:
  • C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp's third book in their Sazi series titled "Captive Moon" will be out on August 1st, 2006.
    (Note: Cie and Cathy have a website at www.ciecatrunpubs.com)
  • Lori Handeland's book titled "Midnight Moon" (the next book in her Nightcreature Novel series) will be out on August 1st, 2006.
    (Note: Lori has a website at www.lorihandeland.com)

Enjoy the site this month, and beware of the full moon...