This month's full moon is called the "Full Pink Moon," this name references the color of the ground due to wild ground phlox flowers blooming. Other names for this full moon are the "Full Sprouting Grass Moon," the "Egg Moon" and the "Full Fish Moon" (refering to fish swimming upstream at this time).

A Werewolf Cafe pint glass went to artist Amy Noble who joined The Werewolf Cafe staff as a regular contributing artist! Amy has contributed quite a few types of cool things for the site in the past (that you can find within the "Art" and "Photos" menus here). Amy's artwork will be featured on the "Art" menu at future full moon phases (along with other contributions she's planning for the site).

A Werewolf Cafe pint glass went to writer Jay Rohr (that's his "pen" name) who joined The Werewolf Cafe staff as a regular contributing writer! Jay has been writing an ongoing werewolf story that can be found within the "Stories" menu here. Jay has been (and still is) emailing in a new chapter of his ongoing werewolf story each month (very creative idea, Jay). You can check out the "Stories" menu for past, present and future chapters of Jay's ongoing werewolf story.

If you are new to the site, we wanted to let you know that this site is only open during a full moon phase (but the forums here are open everyday).

Happy Birthday Forum Member, Artist and Movie Reviewer Slave2moonlight! (April 15th)

Happy Birthday Forum Member and Artist Chris Prunckle! (April 27th)

The werewolf movie titled "Cursed" (directed by Wes Craven) will be out on DVD on June 21, 2005.

enjoy the site, and until next time, beware of the full moon...