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Full Moon Posting #14

Welcome to The Werewolf Café's 14th full moon! Thank you for stopping by and visiting during this full moon phase! This month's full moon is called the "Full Worm Moon" since the rising temperature causes the ground to thaw and earthworms to surface. This full moon is also known by other names, such as: the "Full Crow Moon" (cawing crows being a sign of winter's end), the "Full Crust Moon" (snow cover looks more "crusted" this time of year due to the freezing and thawing action), the "Full Sap Moon" (due to the tapping of maple trees for sap) or the "Lenten Moon."

This full moon is special here, as it marks the end of the first complete year since The Werewolf Cafe first opened. So, this full moon phase we are celebrating The werewolf Cafe's first birthday! Thank you so very much to everyone who did something special to commemorate this event!

If you are new to this website, we wanted to let you know that this site (in general...see posting below) is only open during a full moon phase, so when the moon is looking full up in the sky, this website will be open. As the moon begins to look less full, this website will close down again until the time of the next full moon, but the forums here remain open everyday.

Enjoy the site and enjoy the full moon...

The Werewolf Cafe's 1st Birthday

Last year's full moon was on March 6th, 2004 and it was the first day that The Werewolf Cafe opened it's doors into cyberspace. It's really hard to believe how fast the past year went. On the official 1 year anniversary of this site (on March 6th, 2005), the site had approximately 113 forum members, 243 forum topics, 9597 forum posts, 140,738 page loads, 16,814 webhits, and on that day it was averaging over 4070 webhits per month. At the last full moon phase in February, more than 1000 people dropped by to visit the site! Wow, thank you! We want to thank all of the great actors, actresses, artists, authors, writers and forum members for their support and what they contributed to this site over the past year, thank you so very much! We also want to thank all returning visitors as well as all of today's new visitors, as there are so many of you that drop by to check out the site at full moon phases, thank you! Enjoy the rest of the site during this full moon phase, and thank you for dropping by and visiting today! Please sign the guestbook and say "hi" before you leave the site today, thank you!

If you look around the site right now, you probably won't see too much new content. I will slowly be adding things throughout today and over the next few days. So check back often, as I promise there will be plenty of things added. As good as the last year has been for the Werewolf Cafe, it has been equally bad (or good depending on how you look at it) for me and my time, or lack thereof. We will be leaving the site open for an entire week this month so you don't miss anything. For now, enjoy a piece of cake, and bear with us while we unwrap one present at a time.

Slice of Cake