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Happy Halloween

Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy (and safe) Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Also, in case you're still searching for costume ideas, Yahoo! and Forbes have made available several printable masks. The most fitting, for members of this site, would probably be this one.

Interesting Moon Facts

1. Question: Why does the Full Moon look so much bigger when it rises on the horizon?

Answer: The Moon is always the same size, it just looks bigger on the horizon because of how your eyes perceive it in relation to foreground objects (like trees and houses).  The Moon doesn't get smaller as it moves higher into the sky, that's just an optical illusion.

2. Question: What causes a lunar eclipse?

Answer: When the Earth's shadow is cast upon the Full Moon (when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon). 

3. Question: What causes a solar eclipse?

Answer: When the New Moon's shadow is cast upon the Earth (when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth).    

4. Question: Do we always see the same side of the moon?

Answer: Yes, because the Moon rotates on it's own axis in the same amount of time it takes to orbit the Earth (approximately 29.5 days).

5. Question: Why does the Moon sometimes look yellow or orange?

Answer: This is a two part answer.  First, is because of the particles of dust, pollution and smoke in the atmosphere.  Second, is because of the length of atmoshpere you have to look through to see the Moon.  So, when the Moon is on the horizon, you look through about 3 times more atmosphere than when the Moon is high in the sky (so when the Moon is on the horizon, you are looking at it through 3 times as many particles of dust, pollution and smoke, making it look more yellow or orange than white).  It's also interesting to note here that the "Harvest Moon" (which is a darker orange color) looks more orange because of all the extra dust particles throw into the atmosphere during crop harvesting.

Full Moon #9

Welcome to The Werewolf Café's 9th full moon!  This full moon is called the "Hunter's Moon" or sometimes the "Blood Moon." It gets its name from hunters who tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead.

The Werewolf Café site was closed during last month's full moon because of MAJOR technical difficulties (and a big "thank you" to all returning visitors for your patience with that).  This posting will be very brief because last month's posting was never seen, so please read the postings below to see what's new...

Total Lunar Eclipse on October 27th

Don't know how I missed this one for so long, but on Wednesday, October 27th, there will be a total lunar ecplise. For more information, head over to NASA's website, or (don't miss their viewers guide), or many other places.

From NASA's website, they say you should heed the following:

Warning: While you're staring at the sky, you might hear footsteps among the trees, the twang of a bow, a desperate scurry to shelter. That's just your imagination.

NASA also has a link to some beautiful photos in the Lunar Eclise gallery.

Les Temps Des Vampires Bash 2004

Les Temps Des Vampires Bash 2004

Werewolves and Vampires dance together by the light of the moon, on Saturday, October 30, 2004, at Rosy's Jazz Hall, 500 Valence Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, from 9pm till 2am, costumes encouraged but not required. $20 tickets available at the door and by certified, return receipt mail until October 16th deadline for mail outs. Music by Analog Missionary, Damien Youth and TBA. Some lucky raffle winner will take home Lestat, an Anne Rice character doll made of porcelain by Shannon, 28" tall. Also available, a 38" porcelain Claudia doll. Doll raffles are $5 per ticket, doll value is $900-$1,000. The newest released books of Clive Barker and Laurell K. Hamilton signed especially for the party, raffle tickets are $2, 3 for $5. Door prizes by the Werewolf Café. Proceeds of the raffles will be donated to the American Cancer Society in the name of Stan Rice.