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Full Moon #7

Welcome to The Werewolf Café's seventh full moon!  We hope your past month, since last month's "blue moon," has been good for you.

Some things of interest:

  1. We have received a number of comments that people would like to see this website open longer, so they can have more time to look at and read what is on the site.  So, The Werewolf Café will be open for a three-day full moon phase starting next month, the site will be open for 72 hours instead of 24 hours.  So next month, the site will open 36 hours before and the 36 hours after the Universal Time of the full moon.  Here's an example of what this means (and remember this is in Universal Time): the next full moon is on September 28 at 1:09 pm, so this site will be open 36 hours before that and 36 hours after that (making it open from September 27 at 1:09 am to September 30 at 1:09 am).  We will be posting something abut this (along with a recalibrated countdown feature) on the main page of this site after this full moon phase.  A bit confusing?  Hopefully not, but if it is, just continue to watch the countdown feature on the main page, and just know that once the countdown feature hits "zero" you will be able to look at the site for 72 hours, so you'll have more time to look at the website.    
  2. The Lion's Gate/Fox movie titled "Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning" comes out on DVD on September 7th.

  3. The Universal Studio's movie titled "Van Helsing" comes out on DVD on October 19th. 

  4. Laurell K. Hamilton's book titled "Incubus Dreams" comes out on September 28th of this year, it is a story involving a vampire serial killer that preys on strippers....does it promise us more werewolf characters in this tale?  We have been told "yes," that Richard and Jason are both in it!  (Thank you Darla!)

  5. C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp's new book titled "Hunter's Moon" comes out on December 12th of this year, it is a story involving a hitman for the Mafia named Tony, who was attacked during a hit gone wrong and ends up becoming a wolf!

  6. Platinum Disc Corp put out a DVD of the "Howling IV: Original Nightmare" movie on April, 20 earlier this year, there are still copies of it available, we're not positive, but there may have just been a limited run on this title.  

Our thanks to our families, our friends, the actors, the actresses, the authors, the artists, the readers and the assistants who are helping or have helped support this site in some way, you have our deepest appeciation and our many thanks, you are all so very, very awesome, thank you! 

If this is your first time here, we hope to see you again at a future full moon.  If you have been here at one of the previous full moons, we thank you very much for coming back today.  All readers, if you are a big werewolf fan, and you are an artist, a writer, a story teller, a LARPer, a poet, a person with a business selling werewolf items, a person who just wants to send in an email about werewolves, be welcome, as this is your "neighbor-web" café.  Just email in your greeting and whatever else you want to write, say or send.  If you want us to link to your website, let us know in your email greeting, and also sign your email the way you want it to appear on this site.  Please send your emails to our admin at     

Until the next full moon...

    Laurel K. Hamilton Fan Club

    So we got a mention in the Laurel K. Hamilton Fan Club Newsletter!!! Thank you so much...and welcome everyone who is here as a result.

    In case you are interested in joining, I have uploaded a copy of the membership form here (it says it's ok to make copies, so hopefully this is ok).

    Quick Reference Guide to the Moon and It's Phases

    The part of the moon that shines bightly at night, is the part of the moon that is reflecting sunlight.  The reason that the sunlight on the moon looks like it is growing bigger or getting smaller as days go by, is because the Moon orbits the Earth which makes the sunlight on the moon look different.  The Moon orbits the Earth approximately every 29.5 days, so the full cycle of the ways the sunlight is reflected on the moon will complete approximately every 29.5 days also.  For example: the moon is full today and it will be full again in approxiamtely 29.5 days, the way that the sunlight is reflected on the Moon tonight (making it look full) will be the same in approximately another 29.5 days.   

    Here are some words and definitions associated with the moon's phases:

    The moon has four relatively familiar phases called "The New Moon," "The First Quarter," "The Full Moon" and "The Last Quarter," here are their definitions:  

    • The New Moon: When the sunlight reflected onto the moon appears to be completely absent (and that's only because the sun's light is all being reflected on the other side of the Moon, the side that can't be seen from Earth)
    • The First Quarter: When the moon is halfway bright on the right side (directly between a "The New Moon" phase and a "The Full Moon" phase) 
    • The Full Moon: When the moon is as bright as it can be
    • The Last Quarter: When the moon is halfway bright on the left side (directly between a "Full Moon" phase and a "New Moon" phase)

    In addition to the phases above, there are a few more words that are important to know when describing the Moon's phases, they are: 

    • Gibbous: When the light on the moon is bigger than "The First Quarter" or "The Last Quarter" moon phase
    • Crescent: When the light on the moon is smaller than "The First Quarter" or "The Last Quarter" moon phase
    • Waxing: When the light on the moon is growing bigger
    • Waning: When the light on the moon is getting smaller

    With these four words above in mind, the complete list of moon phases from beginning to end (and then they repeat all over again) are:

    1. The New Moon
      New Moon
    2. Waxing Crescent
      Waxing Crescent
    3. The First Quarter
      First Quarter
    4. Waxing Gibbous
      Waxing Gibbous
    5. The Full Moon
      Full Moon
    6. Waning Gibbous
      Waning Gibbous
    7. The Last Quarter
      Last Quarter
    8. Waning Crescent
      Waning Crescent
    9. The New Moon starts again
      New Moon

    Check out this site for more's the source of the moon phase module in the right hand column of this page. Even better...go to this page and purchase his Moon Phases Software.